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The commitee will endeavour to have some organised group training seesions during the season. We will notify you when these oppurunites are confirmed.

*Every Thursday at 5.30pm there is running group that meets at the athletics track behind the Aquarena. Interval training to increase speed and running technique. Suitable for all abilities - duration 30 minutes

*Friday afternoon Splash and Dash. 5.00pm Ocean Swim at the Rubics Cubes on the Foreshore. 1km swim  5:30pm 5km social run from Rubiks cubes, Foreshore.

*Most luchtimes 12:30 500m-1km ocean swim meeting @ Rubics cube

*Saturday 06:00am Wolf pack ride 50km averaging 28-30km/hr Toba Nook - just off Columbus boulevard , SeaCrest.

Saturday 5:30pm 5km social run - Greenough River Walking Trail, Cape Burney

 * Training sessions are Free